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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Islington Lib Dems win "opposition group of the year"

That the Lib Dems awarded their rump of councillors in Islington "opposition group of the year" at last weekend's spring conference is laughable.

Lets look at their achievments in a bit more detail:

  • When I moved to Islington in 2004 Lib Dems outnumbered Labour councillors by 3:1. Last year the Lib Dems were routed and Labour now outnumber the Lib Dem councillors by 3:1, losing what was once their flagship council
  • Islington South and Finsbury was the number one Labour - Lib Dem marginal in the country. After a deluge of leaflets from Bridget Fox this is now a reasonably safe Labour seat for Emily Thornberry
Since losing the council Islington Lib Dems haven't achieved very much:

Leaked document
  • The rump of councillors have rarely been in full attendance at council meetings
  • They have issued what I assume was satirical leaflet stating "Nick Clegg keeps his promises"! - what about tuition fees? Er...
  • Celebrated dirty politics: this was one of the best read blogs of the year, which also made the local media and showed the outside world what most of us who have campaigned for Labour in Islington already knew. They are cynical, opportunist and play dirty, as shown by them having to pay Thornberry compensation for telling lies on their leaflets

Lib Dems winning here? No thanks!

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