Monday, March 14, 2011

Ed Mili-Balls would tax the banks again - divided Britain

I'm sure the headlines will focus on Labour's announcement today that a bankers' bonus tax should be levied for a second time. This was just a part of Eds Miliband and Balls presenting their alternative to the savage cuts of the Tories.

I'm personally interested to see how well this plays with the public. Bankers were a popular and easy target a year ago. The bosses of the main UK banks have called on the media, public and politicians to "move on" and let the industry and economy progress. This has been in the face of fierce and continued criticism from certain politicians, notably Chuka Umuna and Lib Dem Matthew Oakeshott.

I suspect that the extra bankers' tax will come in for some media and political criticism from those on the right. The timing is also interesting though, coming just a couple of weeks before thousands take to the London streets to protest against the current government's programme of cuts.

This all points us in the direction of partisan politics and a divided country. It feels like politics is getting argumentative and Ed Balls will be central to this - a role I'm sure he is relishing.

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