Friday, March 18, 2011

Is the budget the Tories last chance?

The Spectator has suggested that next week's Tory budget as a last chance saloon to pull this terribly unpopular government from the doldrums. The Tory claims to be boosting the economy certainly sound increasingly hollow to the extent that I don't think even they believe it. The realities that change doesn't always happen that quickly in government are hitting home but perhaps this is a good thing if it shields the country from the worst Tory changes for longer.

The public, 71% of whom think their cuts are too far and too fast, will not like next week's budget, or the effect of Gideon Osborne's austerity that will inevitably follow. The Tory government is already incredibly unpopular but none of that really matters because barring a huge fall out with the Lib Dems this government will go the distance. No matter how unpopular the government is it will survive, until 2015 at least.

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