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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dirty Den Dover

The European Parliament gravy train hit the buffers with a huge bang today for disgraced Tory MEP Den Dover. He has stolen £345,000 from the taxpayer. That is fraud on a huge scale. Theft. Dover should be
locked up, though that will cost taxpayers even more money.

After being found guilty two years ago thief Dover refused to pay the money back. Of course he should pay it back. That isn't enough. I can't quite understand how officials, whether they are politicians or other public servants, can steal from the public purse and then just offer to pay it back. I'm quite sure most shoplifters get prosecuted when they get caught rather than just saying: "fair enough, you caught me, I'll just give all that stuff I nicked back and we'll call it quits." Somehow these people think that is OK. It isn't.

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