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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Torn ankle ligaments

I have torn my ankle ligaments. This leaves me immobile and reliant on crutches and the generosity of others to get around. It is very frustrating. The few trips I have made since this problem afflicted me has opened up a world that is often all too easy for most of us to ignore.

The life of someone who is mobility impaired isn't one that offers the same opportunity that able bodied people enjoy. Access to transport is difficult. My nearest bus stop doesn't take me anywhere of use like work. That makes it difficult to get anywhere. I had to travel back from Hampton to North London by public transport after the injury. What would normally take an hour took three. The stairs. Oh the stairs. So much effort.

That one of do nothing mayor Boris Johnson's first moves in power was to cancel projects to improve accessibility of our transport network (including to my local station Finsbury Park) shows that he doesn't get it. It also shows he doesn't care about opportunities for disabled people. Fortunately my predicament is temporary and I can access my office remotely. Some people aren't so lucky and will be excluded from opportunity and employment. This is unacceptable and highlights the difference a politician and political party that is aware of these issues can make. Or not.

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Tim McLoughlin said...

Rebecca has left a new comment on your post "Torn ankle ligaments":

I sympathise entirely - my mother has severe arthritis, and whenever we visit London it's a complete nightmare. You only have to look a a map of the tube to see how bad things are for the disabled in London - try counting how many stations have step free access and then work out exactly what journeys are possible!!!!

I hope your ankle gets better asap Tim.