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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tony Blair's journey: Labour's journey

The website for Tony Blair's forthcoming book, A Journey, launched yesterday. The book is released on 1 September. Watching the video on his site where he previews the book reminded me of how easily, too easily, we have forgotten his achievements as Prime Minister.

Many of the leadership contenders have made much of attempting to distance themselves from New Labour, saying we need to move on. They are of course correct to say that Labour needs new policies and solutions as the world today is very different to that of the mid-1990s.

At the same time I am concerned that we need to heed the same lessons that Labour was harshly taught in the 1990s. A lurch to the left isn't wanted by the country when they have just voted to the right. If Labour takes that path the party will end up shouting to an empty room. Labour needs to talk to the whole country, not just the heartlands. That was Tony Blair's greatest gift to the Labour Party and one that must not be surrendered.

1 comment:

BlairSupporter said...

Tim, if only there were more of you in the Labour party. You'd enever have dumped the best thing you had going for you since he 1950s.

Btw, it's now called "A Journey". Something I noticed some time ago, and was then picked up by John Rentoul and the rest of the press.

I prefer the indefinite article anyway. He's not finished yet.