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Monday, July 18, 2011

The hacking web widens

David Cameron continues to be incredibly vulnerable on phone hacking. I still don't understand why he felt it necessary to appoint Andy Coulson after he'd been forced to quit the News of the World about hacking, well before we even knew the full extend of the nasty practice.

Cameron has still refused to cede ground that employing Coulson was a mistake. Some of the victims in the hacking scandal we may find to be unfortunate to have been implicated by association. Cameron had the choice whether to involve himself in this or not and chose to do so.

The problem is that the police have taken illegal bribes from corrupt newspapers. The prime minister has involved himself by association unnecessarily. As the resignations build up the focus shifts to others. The top of the police have gone and parts of News International are crumbling.

I having continued to meet with Coulson and to defend his appointment I can't see Cameron backing down now. All that does is ensure that an ever growing amount of mud will stick to him over hacking. When it didn't need to.

As the web widens the focus will shift to James Murdoch and Cameron. There will be so many more revelations before proper investigations even begin.

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