Friday, July 08, 2011

Cameron and Coulson: ticking time bomb

Peter Oborne has speculated this could be Cameron's black Wednesday. This story has a lot of legs left and will run. The longer it does the more Cameron's credibility will be damaged. Cameron has said that he is responsible personally for bringing Coulson into the centre of politics, therefore he has to take the blame.

Cameron won't quit so instead this issue will continue to be a distraction as Labour should continue to bring it up time and again. To paraphrase Oborne, this mud has stuck to Cameron and won't go away. Ever.

With friends like these... David Cameron’s judgment is under question (Photo: Dafydd Jones)

Thinking about hacking, my suspicion is that the police didn't open up or expose the full scale of the scandal because they had a vested interest in keeping it quiet. The focus to date has been on the newspaper and not on the police. I'm more worried about the police being corrupt than I am about journalists. The police are meant to be whiter than white as public guardians but have taken serious sums in bribes.

There is trouble ahead for the police and for David Cameron. I suspect he won't be able to safely defuse the ticking bomb.

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Anonymous said...

cameron and his gang have been in murdochs pocket for some time. bet they wish it would all go away, thankfully it will hang around like a bad smell. cameron still won't admit to an error of judgement, his posh boy natural arrogance still shines through