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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What else has Lee Jasper supposedly done?

Now the Daily Mail is accusing Lee Jasper of sending "sexually charged" messages to a woman in charge of an organisation in receipt of LDA money. This doesn't look great and takes the campaign onto a new level.

However, I'm more interested in the concept that many of the accusations against Jasper stem from alleged relationships, personal or political, that he may have with those in the ethnic minority community network. I don't think I'm missing the point, but isn't that exactly what you want in that sort of position? Surely the reason Jasper was appointed was precisely because he had such connections?

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Sharon said...


You might be missing the point slightly.

Lee Jasper has a job title of 'Director of Equalities and Policing'.

He is the Mayor's advisor on all things policing and he is also the Mayor's advisor on all things to do with equalities.

Lee Jasper is accused of influencing funding to organisations that are run by his friends and close associates.

All of the individuals and thus 'de facto' organisations named so far have a long history of friendship and closeness to Lee. ie He is Godfather to their children and vice versa.

His not-so-secret affair with Karen Chouhan, although she has not yet admitted it has been going on at least eight years.

Karen Chouhan lives in Leicester and yet she is the Chair of the Mayor's Equalities Commission (this gives a false impression of independence when in fact Lee Jasper is pulling her strings). She champions Lee Jasper at every opportunity and in every corner of the country.

There are many more organisations in London's Black community whom are doing valuable and historical work, yet have not been mentioned and/or supported by Lee Jasper. The "ethnic minority community network" as you put it, is much bigger than Lee Jasper's close circle of friends.

Lee Jasper is a self-publisist that has always been his motto in life, his friendships are based on the extent to which they can promote him. Karen Chouhan plays her part very well.

By supporting this cohort of very close friends and in turn by them acting as cheerleaders for him, Lee Jasper gives the false impression that he is well connected and liked in the Black community. He is not, just ask Diane Abbott and other Black Labour activists if you do not believe me.

Following his failed attempt to win over the community at the Brixton Academy, when they booed him off stage, Jasper's latest strategy is to attend church gatheringss (on some sundays this can be as many as 6,000) and getting the minister/preacher in charge to rally the congregation to pray for him, of course it also helps that he is also asking them to vote for Ken.