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Monday, March 10, 2008

Ken's London transport manifesto

Reading Boris Johnson's transport manifesto last week one could be forgiven for thinking that Crossrail and the East London Line extension weren't happening. He just seems obsessed with bendy bus soundbites. Ken's manifesto, out today, is full of ambition and progressive proposals for London.

There is a lot to get excited about in London over the next four years with the Olympics and new transport developments. On my way to watch Leyton Orient I go past the Olmypic site at it's Northern peak, by the A12 in Hackney Wick. The sheer scale of the development and the positive change it will bring to London hits you. The city will change immeasurably in the next four years.

I feel that none of the ambitious projects, Olympics, Crossrail and the East London Line Extension, would have happened under the Tories or if Johnson had been Mayor. There is obviously a great deal that could go wrong.

One part of Ken's transport manifesto that didn't get much pick up today was the plan to introduce a bicycle hire scheme, a mirror of the hugely successful one in Paris. Other new projects of note include extending Croydon Tramlink to Crystal Palace and the Oxford Street transit. Wresting control of London's railways is also being discussed. This would make a massive difference to South Londoners who don't get the benefit of the tube or Oyster pay as you go.

Progress versus posturing. That choice was made very clear today.


Boswell said...

Balderdash Tim!
Ken is taking a leaf out of the Alistair Darling book of policy making (more of that tomorrow) and plagiarising much of Boris's plans, including the bike hire scheme.
He is also attempting new records in disingeniousness by atacking things Boris hasn't said ion the grounds of cost and then producing an uncontested manifesto himself.
If we hadn't had Ken for eight years we would not have a bloated kleptocracy at the LDA, increased murders of young people and dead cyclists killed by bendy buses.

Take of the marxist shaded glasses Tim. The futures bright, the futures Boris!

Timmymc said...

The last thing anyone can accuse me of is being Marxist!

See my other post about the bike hire scheme - Ken proposed it in August last year.

According to TfL:

TfL says the campaign will tackle the biggest cause of cycle fatalities in the capital. More than half of all cycle deaths on London roads follow collisions with goods vehicles.

Therefore today's news that HGV drivers are to be give free special mirrors to help compbat this is good news.

Read more in the Standard:,000+lorries+are+given+mirrors+to+save+cyclists'+lives/

I'm not sure that you can blame Ken for murder, that is a bit too far fetched...Crime levels are notioriously unreliable. Read more about that here: