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Friday, January 25, 2008

Council candidate too ill to work climbed ladders

More from the Birmingham court case of Saeed Aehmed/Ahmed (he changed his name to Aehmed to move up the ballot paper, allegedly). See this from the birmingham Post for details of his name change. I've often thought I'm unfairly disadvantaged to be called McLoughlin. I welcome suggestions to get me m oved up the ballot paper. Comments please!

Readers may recall that Aehmed claimed Incapacity Benefit for 25 years but felt fit enough to stand in several local elections, hold local party positions and campaign. Apparently this included carrying ladders and putting up posters.

These absurd cases would amuse me if they weren't true. I can't quite believe that people think they can get away with this, if it is true, or that these intra-party squabbles have to end up in court. These guys should take a reality check.

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