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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attacks on Ken Livingstone are politically motivated

I agree with my Labour GLA member Jennette Arnold that the recent spate of media attacks against Ken Livingstone are politically motivated. Like others I know that the Evening Standard, Andrew Gilligan and others who attack Ken are doing so to boost the Tory campaign for mayor. London's voters are faced with a choice between Ken who has massively improved London's transport, had the courage to introduce the congestion charge and lead on climate change - or Boris Johnson. This is serious.

I'm disappointed but not surprised that Meral Ece, Jennette's Lib Dem opponent, has tried to fire a few cheap political shots at Jennette and Ken on her new blog. Clearly Meral's blog is a first draft, having known Jennette for some time, describing her as "one of Ken's most loyal bag carriers" is laughable and simplistic.

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