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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Racist Tories again...

This will be in The Sun in the morning I have been reliably informed - but unless you live in Barnet - you read it here first.

This seems to happen periodically, a Tory comes out with a racist comment or similar and doesn't understand what is wrong with it. In this case this stupid Tory cllr from Barnet, Cllr Brian Gordon blacked himself up as a minstrel for a fancy dress party. Hilarious. He actually submitted the picture to the Barnet Times thinking it would be a good thing.

Cllr Gordon said "I am amazed that one or two people are becoming so worked up over a fancy dress outfit that was no more than a piece of harmless fun."

Oh dear oh dear. The leader of Barnet Council went even further:

Councillor Mike Freer, leader of the council, said: "Councillor Gordon is a well-respected councillor who has represented his constituents regardless of their colour or religion. Are we now saying that white people cannot dress up as black people? I do not see how people can find it offensive. Just to categorise Nelson Mandela on the basis of his colour is demeaning to him."

They just don't get it, these are the same old Tories.

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Ray said...

there is more!!!

in 1977 cllr gordon suggested a Tory/ NF link!