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Friday, September 23, 2011

The racist Tory weekly

The Friday racist Tory bulletin is become a regular feature on this site. Over recent weeks I've featured:

Could I really make it five weeks in a row? Unfortunately not. The Tories have given me a week off as they prepare for their party conference. Instead Tory run Basildon council is facing claims that its action against the illegal traveller site at Dale Farm is racist from many. Though the issue isn't easy for any council is should and could have been handled much better.


zoeimogen said...

How about this example from the Daily Mail? ('Treat the Gurkhas like asylum seekers': Outrage as minister says they should be dispersed around the country)

Tim McLoughlin said...

Nothing like that ever surprises me. This series of posts about racist Tories has led to lots of aggression from Tories. Apparently Labour are racist too they say. Without evidence.