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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Cameron as Jim Callaghan

Now that the leading Tories are all heading back to the UK with their tails between their legs serious questions had I be asked as to why it took them so long. With serious unrest breaking out over London and other cities over the weekend it was clear that politicians needed to take charge. 

People need their leaders to take their problems seriously and show they care. The Tories failed to show that leadership and that they've belatedly woken up to the scale of the rioting crisis begs big questions. 

Why has it taken them so long? Did they really care? Their PR advice if they had any has been woeful. It reminds me of former PM Jim Callaghan returning from holiday during the 1978 winter of discontent and being dubbed 'Sunny Jim' while also being derided for playing down the crisis. He was misquoted as saying 'crisis, what crisis?' the mud stuck. 

Reacting slowly to the hacking crisis and now rioting, Cameron needs to be careful. That man who had his finger on the nation's political pulse and reacted quickly to the MP expenses scandal has gone AWOL. Cameron needs to find that skill again and sort out this mess. 

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