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Friday, April 08, 2011

Londoners suffer the most from the Tories cuts

As we head into an avoidable cost of living crisis caused by the Tories' tax rises and cuts, evidence shows that Londoners will lose badly. The poorest will be worse off than the wealthy. Yet more evidence that we're not "all in this together" after all, but its much more a case of "I'm alright Jack" from George Osborne.

The cost of living is so much higher in London than elsewhere in the UK that any hits to living standards will be harshly felt. As the graphic shows, Londoners get a raw deal from the cuts. Couples with children will lose 8% of their income by 2014/15. The poorest Londoners will be 7% worse off, the wealthiest only 5%.

Ed Miliband's job is to make this clear, in simple language to ordinary people. The cuts are not fair or even. The Tories hit those who can afford it least in the pocket.


Andrew Boff said...

The Tories hit those who can afford it least in the pocket. Of course there's a complete absence of deprivation in the North East.

Tim McLoughlin said...

Andrew, of course there Is hardship across the country. You of all people should know that the high cost if living in London means that any squeeze is felt especially so by the poorest in London.