Monday, February 28, 2011

East London Line to Highbury and Islington

The East London Line began running to Highbury and Islington today. This means that I might start to socialise with some of my acquaintances from South London. Not only will it help me get around London it also illustrates a point about political planning.

Boris Johnson unveiled the extension today but it is actually the work of former Labour mayor Ken Livingstone. The new East London Line forms part of his vision for an orbital railway for London. This plan was formed during his first term but has only opened with one year left of Johnson's term. That shows how long it takes for transformational projects like this to come to fruition.

File:London Overground as a circle.svg

That mayor Johnson has ensured that there are no plans for any similar projects in London at the moment we will have to wait a long time before anything else like this improves the lives of Londoners again.  Crossrail wasn't Boris' to scrap. This leaves me slightly worried that there isn't a sustainable plan for keeping London moving in years to come. At least not with the Tories in charge there won't be.

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