Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are we in football manager territory?

Ed Miliband has not been Labour leader for very long. I spoke briefly on this morning's LBC breakfast show with Nick Ferrari about whether he is doing a good job or not. Is it too early to be making this kind of judgement?

Of course it is. It feels like we are applying football manager levels of scrutiny to our leaders. This is unrealistic but also reflects the political and media landscape today. Everyone is looking for an immediate response to feed the 24 hour news and Twittering demand.

John Reid said today that Ed needs to show some of his cards now. He is right but I get the feeling that Ed is devising his. plan and is taking a long term view and had picked those as the battles he wants to win.

He is now building a team and has appointed his spokesperson. I want to see Ed hit the ground running in 2011. The coalition have plenty of weaknesses that are ripe for exploitation.

Is it too early to judge? Yes, but those judgements are being made already. The time is ready to start running.


Colm said...

We have plenty of time for renewal. Ed needs to avoid making rods for his back by coming out with knee jerk reactions to Tory policies.

Tim McLoughlin said...

Do you think that renewal should mean that we don't project an alternative to the Tories? We don't need full policies now but we need Ed and the shadow cabinet team to be getting their faces in the media and showing that there is a credible alternative to the coalition. It is difficult as the media are far more interested in those in power than in Labour.