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Thursday, July 08, 2010

London Labour mayoral hustings

Tonight's London Labour Party mayoral hustings.I'm looking forward to hearing from Ken Livingstone and Oona King how they will ensure the election is fought about the next four years for London - and not previous elections or Iraq.

Livingstone clearly has lots of ideas about how to improve London. Many of his ideas have been adopted by Tory mayor Boris Johnson such as the cycle hire scheme. I'm worried that the press and Tories will make it a re-run of 2008. Then he didn't have either the energy or ability to fight it off. Can he really do this four years on?

Oona King has a great opportunity to usurp Ken as a new Labour candidate for the first time in three decades. Tonight I want her to show me that she is more than just a different candidate and has a positive agenda for London - and one that will beat the Tories.

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