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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ministers take the train while their papers take the car

David Cameron's edict that ministers should travel on public transport might be a well intentioned move to save public money but it won't do that. It won't save any money.

Just as he used to cycle to work from Notting Hill while a car followed with his papers, ministers will be expected to take the train, without their confidential papers, which will be taken by car to their homes. So the car travels anyway. Worse still, ministers won't be able to do any work while travelling as their papers will be elsewhere and ministers are not allowed to accompany them. You couldn't make it up!

I know that ministers have found the time spent in their ministerial cars travelling between meetings as valuable time in which to get through their red boxes. Now this time has been taken away to provide cheap publicity will Cameron expect his ministers to stop sleeping every night or will they just do less work?

This will cost more money, lead to less effective government and will not do what is purports to. Just bonkers.

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