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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nick Clegg campaigns to save Kingston Hospital: AFTER the "plan" was exposed as a Lib Dem lie

Nick Clegg has given an exclusive interview to the Hounslow Chronicle defending SW London Lib Dem MPs for campaigning against its closure. It is a shame for him that earlier this week Southwark Lib Dem Political Assistant Dan Falchikov was outed by the Daily Mirror's political editor Kevin McGuire as having boasted into his mobile phone, while on a train, about making the whole thing up.  Labour candidate Max Freedman has the whole story at Labour List

Great to hear Clegg state: "Susan (Kramer) and Ed (Davey) are absolutely right to bring this issue out in the open." Shame that it was made up by one of their activists isn't it? Many voters see the Lib Dems as the "friendly party", one they can trust as being outside the political mud-slinging of the two main parties. This shows that they will resort to the dirty and dishonest, feeding lies to major newspapers and even allowing their leader to become embroiled in the row. 

That the Hounslow article should come out now is embarrassing and makes Clegg and his team look very silly indeed. 


Anonymous said...

Brains of Britain? I think not. Whether you like it or not, 5 individual sources in the NHS have confirmed this is true, and hopefully more will come out through the FOI requests.
I notice that Labour have been strangely quiet on the issue itself.

Tim McLoughlin said...

Anonymous, thank you for your comment. Why then has the hospital's Chief Executive itself denied that there are plans to close Kingston Hospital?

Why did Dan Falchikov boast so publicly that he had made the whole ruse up?

Labour is firmly behind the NHS. That includes Kingston Hospital. Labour government money paid for a new A&E department, new surgical centre, staff facilities and a new Sir William Rous unit. All within the last few years. Labour has delivered.