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Friday, May 22, 2009

London's Euro election candidates

If anyone actually cares while Parliament continues to implode over the expenses crisis, UK Polling Report has a useful breakdown of all the candidates, by party, for June 4's Euro elections.

Former England footballer Stuart Pearce's brother, Dennis, is standing for the BNP. I've always had a lot of respect for Stuart and was shocked when I heard the news. At least the People have documented "Psycho's" "fury" at the news.

I have been campaigning recently in Islington with Labour's Claude Moraes. He has been zig-zagging his way across London meeting as many voters as he can. Like me, he is worried that the cynicism in politics and politicians brought about by the MP expense scandal should lead to gains for a party of the far right.

Not all politicians need to come way tained by the current crisis, not least Islington's MPs Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn who have never claimed for second homes.

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Colm said...

I was in Ireland over the weekend, Driving from East to West, one thing I noticed that they seem to place a lot more emphasis on the individual candidate over the party. Ever lamp post has a massive head shot of a candidate. The Fianna Fail ones had the party written in tiny letters as they are in a worse state than Labour over here, as load of their candidates are properly corrupt (i.e. personal involvement in dodgy development deals during the boom).

Ironically the Irish Labour Party could be on course for its best ever result.