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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Norfolk nonsense

I logged onto the site where Norfolk really matters, the Eastern Daily Press, and found a laughable account of a place called London. In this city they speak of, the highlights include the London Dungeon, Madame Tussards and "Romanian gypsies brandishing sedated infants." The buses are beset with an "appalling tide of violence" caused by having to sit in traffic. If everyone is being forced to go to Madame Tussards then perhaps that is why the bus travelling public are revolting? Does anyone from London even go to look at wax models? Or perhaps they are just angry that they aren't going to the Mustard Shop in Norwich?


Anonymous said...

Think you ought to have another quick read of it - you don't seem to have quite grasped the salient points.

Timmymc said...

I picked the most salient points for me. The article complained about tourist attractions that never enter the headspace of Londoners. It also complained about buses when even the most anti-Livingstone biased commentator would have to admit have improved markedly. Crime? It is an unfortunate side of city life, I'm sure it even happened once in Norwich.

Anonymous said...

Without doing the maths, Mr Collins has lived in London a bit longer than you.

His columns in the EDP frequently celebrate his love of the Capital and reasons for visiting it.

Having scrolled through your blog, it also strikes me you don't quite have his gift when it comes to words.

Perhaps because you pick the most salient points for you, without actually thinking too much about what you're cutting and pasting.

It's easy to lift a few lines, take the p*ss and score a few points. Thousands of people read Mr Collins - myself included - I wonder if anything you write will ever have the same resonance.

Call me a cynic, but I doubt it somehow.

Anonymous said...

If you're "sharper than average London Labour blogger," I dread to think what the blunter ones are like.

"Having seen a Government that has made some great strides to improving our country in the last decade I've always been amazed at how they seem to lose the PR battle."

Believe it or not, people live outside your blinkered little world.

"...perhaps they are just angry that they aren't going to the Mustard Shop in Norwich?"

Perhaps that says it all.

Anonymous said...

Here we go.

Another classic from the "let's pick on someone from Naarfuck and make 'em look a bit silly on the off-chance it might impress someone" genre.

Amazed they lose the PR battle..?

Why amazed, when you treat people from outside London with such thinly-veiled middle-class contempt.