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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lord Baden-Powell arrested!

On this centenary celebration day for the Scouting movement, I thought it pertinent to raise the thought of what might have been. I can recall reading in William L Shirer's excellent The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich as a youngster that had Operation Sealion been successful, Lord Baden Powell would have been arrested. Did the Nazis really think that the scout movement was a threat?

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Colm said...

Well if he saw it as an equivalent to the Hitler Youth it would have been a logical train of thought. The HY and Pioneers were just really the youth setup for the SS and Red Army, so they probably assumed the same would be true for the Scouts. I'm not sure how effective as part of the resistance I would have been with my big white sailor's hat and navy blue nylon jumper in my days in 6th Rickmanworth Sea Scout group though.