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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

London Oratory School and Alistair Campbell

I was interested to read in Alistair Campbell's diary that Neil Kinnock dubbed the London Oratory School a "waffen SS academy" whileCampbell himself held strong reservations about the school. I have a number of friends who went there and I could never get over the ridiculous rules and discipline of the place. It always reminded me of a private boarding school, without the fees, though pupils are expected to pay for lunch there, by the school magazine, pay for school events and buy an extensive uniform...Saturday detentions for 6th formers etc.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to think that the Pig and Welsh Windbag were actually quite perceptive! At one point Campbell actually had the Sunday Mirror grubbing around calling up school governors to ask about the Headmaster's sex life. It certainly did the trick, because after that he shut up pretty sharpish. Thankfully it seems as if the new Head will be less easy to manipulate.