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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The leftist CLP in the country?

According to one scribe, my CLP is "arguably a contender for the leftist CLP in the UK." Of course, this blogger is part of the Socialist Youth Network, to which I have never been interested in being a member of. It was interesting to read the thoughts of other readers who were surprised that INCLP voted for Gordon Brown (when he was the only candidate) and Harriet Harman for deputy. Perhaps this shows that the Labour Party remains pluralist but perhaps not in the manner that some who might like INCLP to be the leftist in the country want it to be. My CLP has always been comprised of a number of different political affiliations, far beyond the McDonnell and Campaign Group supporters.


Rhoderick said...

Interesting. If it were true I'd be overjoyed, the Labour Party must return.

John Gray said...

Hi Tim
Yes, at first I was surprised, usually GC will support their MP’s (especially one with a good reputation as a hard working MP as Jeremy) but thinking about it, an “all members” meeting will reflect what the wider membership actually feels. There was no widespread support for McDonnell or Campaign group policies.

John Gray said...


I have just had some activity on this subject which mentions you -

Any reply?